Finish it Friday – Solar Flares Eclipsed

Woot Woot!  I finished my Art Quilt project this week in plenty of time for ‘Finish it Friday’ with a group of Quilting buddies that challenge themselves each week to finish a project quilting, sewing or otherwise!

If you missed the process I did for this art quilt here are the two other posts:

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I spent two whole days thread sketching the quilting designs. Mostly because of deciding on how I wanted it quilted. I decided to make the dark space have a little flare and whimsey like I see in actual astro images with far off galaxies and gas clouds.  I am really tempted to paint some tiny stars too but haven’t decided yet. LOL

Then I put on a 1/2″ wide black binding to frame the whole thing in.  I am really happy how this came out! I learned a LOT during the entire process.

Solar Flares Eclipse

A few close ups… IMG_2779IMG_2759

And an additional surprise?!  The back!  Never planned on this, but loving it too! But I already put hanger squares into the binding so this will never be seen really…. may have to do another one! LOL

Back of quilt

So I’m ready to tackle another one.  I want to do the Orion Nebula.  Have images from my brother, just need to decide how detailed I want to go and the final size. I think this is going to turn into a series. 🙂 I’m in love with this!

Another bonus… usually I wet and block my quilt when it’s completed… I haven’t done it to this one yet… why? Well, because when I held this up to show my other half, we noticed that all the teeny tiny holes from thread sketching showed dots of sunlight through them as I had held it up in front of a window. LOL  Hmmm maybe this need to be hung in a window! LOL  No, living in Nevada, the sun would surely destroy the color quickly. But it was kewl to see. LOL

So, do have a project you finished up this week?  Share away and give us a link in the comments and I’ll be sure to visit. 🙂  It’s always a rewarding experience to finish something… or in my case, it’s permission to start another one! LOL


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