Scrap Mission: Thread Box

So I’ve taken on the mission to use up scraps! But I am not one to just use up to make non useful things. So my first mission is to use up some fabrics I created using my Gelli Plate long ago. They are 8×10 pieces of muslin. Hmmm Well, I do have this cluttered area of thread next to my sewing machine. I do have a thread rack, but when I’m working on a project that take many different colors I will pull them all and have them sitting next to me for switching out quickly. This was actually a cleaner day I took this pic! But you get the idea.


Now it looks like this! I made a little fabric box to hold all those threads and a few of my marking tools and brush I use to clean out my bobbin each time I change it out. Nice a tidy. ūüôā


I have seen these made many ways but usually too flimsy for my liking.

So how did I make in about 20 minutes!?

I cut out a pice of fabric for the lining inside the same size as my¬†8×11 fabric. Then I cut out a piece of fusible batting 1/2″ smaller width and height so it is 7.5″ x 10.5 ” and fused to the outside fabric. This makes for less bulk at the seams. It’s a little stiffer than regular batting so thought it would do the trick. ¬†HIND SITE:Next time I will also use a piece of medium to heavy fusible stabilizer on the lining fabric also. ¬†This needs a little more stiffness.¬†IMG_2803

Fuse the batting to the outside fabric and quilt as I liked.  I just did a concentric rectangle. 


For lining and outside: ¬†Fold in half lengthwise right sides together. Sew a 1/4″ seam¬†on both of the short¬†sides.IMG_2805

Then make a boxed corner by bringing in the seam centered and mark and measure about 2-1/2″ across at a 45 degree angle. Sew on this line across. ¬†I chose not to cut my corners off but you can if you like. I thought they would add a little stiffness to the sides if I left in.¬†IMG_2807

Place the lining inside the outer quilted box, right sides together and align the edges and pin. Sew the top with a scant 1/4″ seam leaving about a 1-1/2″ to 2″ area open to turn right side out.IMG_2812


Turn entire box right side out through your hole. ¬†Make sure you put the boxed corners, if you left in, up the sides when you turn as it will give the side a little more stiffness. ¬†If you have them on the bottom it won’t be as flat. Press the seam¬†folding the raw edges to the inside and sew a nice top stitch seam all the way around the top of your box to close off your hole you had for turning.

Then sew about 1/8″ seam top stitching up all four corners on the outside to help stiffen them up to stand nice. I used my blind stitch¬†foot with the needle all the way to the left as shown below.


And that’s it! Easy peasy! Fill with whatever you like. Now I even have room to keep my rulers there also next to my rotating mat. ūüôā ¬† Think I will make¬†some more to hold misc items in my studio. ¬†You can adjust the size easily. This size holds 10 of my Aurifil Spools which now live by my machine. I will never buy any other kind of thread again after using Aurifil, but that’s for a different post. ūüôā Need to use up all my misc other threads first on projects like this. lol ¬†These also make sure organizing containers for markers, pens and pencils or anything you like.¬†IMG_2819


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