Scrap Stash Project: Modern Crib Quilt


Modern Crib Quilt

I had seen a  modern quilt on Pinterest that I just loved! I thought I had saved the pin, but it doesn’t seem to be there.  Wasn’t a pattern, just an image so when I do find it, I will put the credits here.  But…  I thought, “Hey! I have all these scraps left over from making Kara’s quilt, I should make something from them like this!”  It’s a very basic construction using a log cabin block technique.    So I gathered up that basket of scraps and went to work.

EDIT:  Finally found the quilt artist I got my inspiration from! Her name is Pasqualina. She was on Instagram, not Pinterest like I thought. No wonder I couldn’t find it when I was desperately trying to find it again. LOL  Here is her instagram  I LOVE her work.

I cut strips of white and a red fabric in 2-1/2″ strips and sewed together.  Then using one of my fab cutting templates, my Quarter  Cut by June Tailor, I cut the strips into 2-1/2″ sets.  This tool makes cutting so fast and easy! I use it a lot.

Cutting strips using my Quarter Cut

Cutting strips using my Quarter Cut

Cut up strips

Cut up strips

Chain piecing those cut strips onto another long 2-1/2" cut strip of background fabric all at once.

Chain piecing those cut strips onto another long 2-1/2″ cut strip of background fabric all at once. Cut sets apart, iron seams open.

Then taking the previous strip pieces and chain piecing again onto another background strip onto opposite side.

Then taking the previous sets and chain pieced again onto another 2-1/2″ wide background strip onto opposite side.  This makes for very fast piecing and I use this chain piecing technique whenever I can.


Iron open the squares while still in a chain. Another speed tip I’ve learned over the years of quilting. img_3183

Snip apart the squares.img_3184

Square up the squares.


Then I cut various widths of the white background fabric from 1″ to 2-1/2″ and inserted same size color strips. I used these to continue to make my log cabin blocks being mindful of color placements.  When you have a ton of scraps, it’s easy to do this.  Some of them I actually sewed into long strips first and then sliced the widths.  Even faster!


I first placed the red centered squares on my Design Wall.  Then I took each one and added the strips to get to this point.


The I used various sizes of white squares and added the “logs” around them so that I got a shattered color effect moving outwards towards the edge of the quilt.  Took a little thought, but with having a design wall it was easy to see what colors I wanted to add where.  Added batting and backing, quilted in straight lines moving outward from the main center design. Added the binding and DONE!  Took me a few days, but this was really a fast way to make this quilt and using no pattern!

The Design Wall white area is 4′ x 6′ to give you an idea how big this ended up being. 🙂  I LOVE my design wall! Made it myself using 1-1/2″ foam board and covered it will a heat reflecting batting and then a white and a black fleece fabric.  Many pins on Pinterest on how to make.  I used duct tape on the back to attach the batting and fabrics and then hung it on the wall using heavy duty Command Strips.  I’ve since cut this into two (the white and black areas). It was just leaning on the wall propped up on my shelves here.  But, there’s a light switch under there! LOL This shorty couldn’t reach the top if I had hung it above the switch plate.  Oops! LOL  But worked out perfect in the end. 🙂


Now Baby Aiden has a matching fun colored scrap quilt like his Mama and Daddy.  🙂 OH!  See the drawer under the crib here?  That’s another one of those left over drawers from that broken down dresser that has a new life as a shelf unit in the garage.  Need to paint it to match the crib yet, but it gives some extra storage space that would normally be unused under the crib.  It holds all his cloth diapers and onesies. I plan on putting caster wheels on it also.  Time… never enough time. 😉 I had 5 days to get this room cleaned out and painted for when they would be arriving.  Not bad huh? LOL



    • Lynda Farabee on October 25, 2016 at 7:14 am
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    That is a neat quilt. The design is modern yet matches the bed quilt colors! Love the repurposed drawer under the crib.

    • Vicky Day on October 25, 2016 at 11:03 am
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    LOVE it!

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