WIP – Work in Progress – Solar Flares

So while we are waiting for the next Block of the Month for our Technicolor Galaxy quilt, (my Color Wheel quilt as I am calling it, I got bored and decided to put to use all the left overs of hand dyed fabrics.  I’ve always wanted to figure out a better way to do curve piecing in my art quilts and just loved the idea of doing a solar flare with the gorgeous results of some of those pieces we dyed last month. My bother is also an Astral Photographer and really would love to take one of his photos and do an art quilt… but first need to learn how to do first… the traditional way of curved piecing would kill me! LOL

Did a search on Pinterest for curved piecing techniques and found something I’d like to try out to learn. Honestly, this technique was exactly what I was thinking would work, but didn’t quite have it figured out yet. It was developed by Caryl Bryer Fallert.  It’s called Appli-piecing. Saw her first quilt Corona years ago. She’s done many since then. She figured this out years ago! LOL  Why reinvent the wheel.  Wish she was doing a workshop in MY area!  But I did find a fairly good tutorial of how to do on a blog. Find that here if you’re interested. Appli-piecing Tutorial.

Going to stay on the smallish side with this one while I learn.  I hand sketched out the design onto freezer paper.  18″ x 24″.  I traced it a second time so I could cut one up for templates and have the other to refer to as I worked.  I did add tick marks and numbers after I took this photo so I could align it back up when piecing. I added a stroke of color to each piece so HOPEFULLY as I cut this apart I won’t get confused.  Yea, will let you know how that works out. LOL  Think I’ll do small sections only to create larger sections.

Sun Flare-Eclipse

Then I gathered my fabrics and put it all up on the design wall to see how this would all work together.  I’m liking it!

Choosing Fabrics for Sun Flare

I want the background to be dark blues and deep purples…  think I need to dye some more… most of these too light. Maybe over dye them…  I’m not loving all these anyways, for this project at least. LOL Background colors

All for now! Will keep you posted on how this goes. 🙂

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