TV-Snack Tray to DIY Mini Ironing Table

When I’m sewing quilts many of the times I have to press seams constantly.  This was an issue for me because I had to get up from the sewing table, walk over to the ironing area and press, walk back, sew, get up, walk over… you get the idea. LOL

I had seen MANY pins on Pinterest about turning a wooden TV tray into an ironing board.  YES! Then I could just fold it up and tuck away when not in use or take it out while I’m working.  No extra space or desk area needed!

So off to Amazon I went. Yes, I love that place.  I found one at a reasonable price and free shipping with my Prime account.

Here it is out of the box. (You can see where I had my ironing board at that time. Aaaaallll the way across the room. LOL This was back in Sept. 2014. Can’t believe I never shared a post about it. Oops!)


How I created it – You can click to enlarge images if you need to.

I think this took me about an hour to make after letting the paint dry.

Supplies I used:

Staple Gun

Satin Finish Black Paint (could use a spray paint too, it’s just what I had left over from doing the book shelves.)

Wooden Snack Tray

Poly-Therm Heat Reflective Fleece

Untreated Cotton Duck Canvas Cloth for cover,  The first time I used plain cotton fabric, lesson learned.  Didn’t hold up as well with all it’s use over past two years.  I have since recovered this in the untreated Duck Cloth.

Here she is today.  When not in use, I fold up and store right next to my HUGE DIY sewing table. (For another post lol).


I use my Steamfast Mini Iron or my Clover Mini Iron depending on what I’m doing instead of my full sized iron.  That lives at my oversized Ironing Board that I made also after this.  Made it the same way using a 2 foot by 3 foot piece of left over plywood from another project. Sanded down the corners and attached the batting and cloth exactly the same way.  I love love love having this larger area for ironing!  It sits centered on top of a book shelf for now.  Have to be cautious about not pressing down near the edge, but until I find and get another vintage treadle sewing machine base, (should have NEVER sold mine!), it will live here.  When I do find one, I’m going to mount the board on top of it. 🙂 For now it’s totally movable and I even put it on the cutting table when ironing long huge pieces of fabrics.

2'x3' Ironing Board

Then it will look like THIS!  Sigh… Makes my heart sing. LOL

trendle table

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    • Lynda Farabee on November 9, 2016 at 6:37 am
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    How absolutely adorable. So useful. Especially when rotating from machine to ironing board! Good job.

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