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OK… so I’ve been SO busy playing in the Studio and was gone most of August I have severely neglected blogging.  Just not enough hours in the day I’m telling you! LOL  So BIG catch up post.

I’ve been busy dyeing fabrics for a new quilt project.  I’ve always wanted to make a color wheel quilt for my Studio and found a BOM (Block of the Month), project over at PileofFabrics.com  It’s a skill builder project and thought it would be perfect for Miss Bailey and I to do together.  We hand dyed 100% of the fabrics being used. This was our first batch trying to make all the rainbow of colors. Just LUV them!  We did 7 months of blocks in a little over a month. LOL

Hand Dyed Fabrics

Dyed the fabrics in July before we left for Ohio. Did some more after we returned in August.

We set to work and decided our inner color wheel and laid that all out and used a bias tape fusing method to create the center block. No curved piecing doing it this way.  Was an experience I can tell you!  Not sure I like this method yet as we really had issues with the fusing not fusing and we ended up glue basting most of it down.  Here it is up on the Design Wall. You can see my colored cheat sheet to the right there. LOL

Center Color Wheel

Miss Bailey helping make those TONS of Hexagon pieces.  We glue basted all 84 hexies first and then sewed them into flowers.  Looong process! She quit on me half way thru. LOL They are only 1 inch big! Tiny little suckers. LOL

Hand sewing Hexies.


I didn’t take pictures thru all of it, so here are some from here and there.  But we are almost done with all the piecing!


Inner two rings completed and started on third ring. Think we need a bigger wall!


Paper piecing the ‘Geese’ blocks. Makes for extremely accurate piecing.  I learned this years ago, but first time for Bailey.  Verdict is still out with her. LOL Does take a bit to wrap your mind around it with all the flipping you do each seam.


Each block is created separately and quilted before assembling. Close up of getting ready to quilt if we can decide on a design.


And let the quilting begin! Each block to be quilted as a Quilt as You Go project.

I will hopefully have this back up on the design wall this week and get some more pics posted.  Having so much fun on this project.  Trying new techniques, but for the most part I have decided I like my old tried and true ways.  I would not glue bast anything I want to hand appliqué again.. I’ve always used liquid starch to set and turn my seam allowance.  Using the glue made it very difficult to hand sew. Almost impossible.  We ended up machine appliquéing the Hexie Flowers.

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